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 A Royal Secret,  is now available as an audiobook! 

Ray Khuller was born in the UK to a Scottish mother and a Punjabi father. His family lived in India for many years which nurtured Ray's love of Indian history.  According to his 
father's extensive research the Khuller family roots date back to those of Genghis Khan.
A Royal Secret transports us into the journals of Raheem Ullah Khan, descendant of Jagatai Khan, second son of  conqueror and Mongol leader Genghis Khan. The empire of Raheem's father Shareef Ullah Khan was violently overtaken by Abdullah Khan.
The journals  cover the years 1814 to 1872 and include Maharaja Ranjit Singh, named "Greatest Leader of All Time"!  These journals are hidden by Princess Shanoor and given to her great, great grandson Prince Ravvi Singh prior to her death in 1938.
The royal secret that the journals reveal intrigue the readers with a subject that has been the source of controversy among several countries for many years and has made recent headlines.
What could it be and could it possibly be true?


Ray Khuller

Best Selling Author

Ray Khuller Best Selling Author
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